• Robyn Paul

Want to Grow Healthy Hair?

If you have ever thought or said "My hair doesn't grow." or "My hair gets to my shoulders and stops." Please read. Your hair ALWAYS grows. Between 1/4 to 1/2 inch a month. If you color your hair, look at your new growth- that's how much your hair has grown. The reason you feel it is not growing is often because it's not being trimmed. Your hair is compromised like a shoe string. It will unravel at the ends when dry or put through chemical or heat stress. So if you neglect to trim it, your ends will unravel (like a shoe string). If you notice lots of small pieces of hair in the air when you brush it- that means you need a trim. It's your ends breaking off. Hair always grows, but can break off faster than it can grow if stressed. The only thing to stop the unraveling of hair once it starts is a trim. However, when you're growing your hair out, if healthy, you do not need a trim every six weeks. Remember, It only grows up to half an inch a month- so you don't want to over trim the hair. You'll back track your growth progress. For healthy ends, that are not split, you only need a trim every 12 weeks. If you want your hair to grow longer, faster- it's going to come from your diet. Hair is made up of 80% protein. More protein in your diet will equal healthier, longer hair. Think about it, once your hair is out of the scalp it is dead cells. Nothing going on your hair will create it to grow. That doesn't mean to not use hair products, because your hair is made up of dead cells- you need to nourish it constantly to provide what it's not getting: moisture, shine, volume, heat protection, split end protection, ect. But if growth is what you desire- you need to look at your diet and take care of your ends. :)


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