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Why do you need a toner?

1. Bleach is not a color

"Bleaching is a tool that we use to take color, or pigment, out of the hair. The professional term is a 'pre-lightener'. During this process, you are pulling the pigment from the hair, stripping away the color but not adding any color.”

2. Toning is when the color is added

Your final colour comes from the toning process. You can go anywhere with a toner. On blondes, cooler toner makes the colour more silvery and warmer toner makes it more coppery. Toning is the most important part of the color process.

3. It's not just for blondes

"Contrary to popular belief, toners are not just used for achieving blonde shades, but are also a must for redheads and brunettes. At-home, pigmented Shampoo and Conditioners can be used to ensure the hair stays glossy and healthy between salon appointments. Try Redkens Brownlights and Blondage

4. Toning doesn't last – this is why your color fades

"Depending on your hair type, toner can last between two-to-six weeks. The general rule of thumb is that previously colored hair which is more porous will hold color for less time than natural or 'virgin' hair, which can hold color for up to six weeks."

5. Toners aren't just for color, but shine too

"Toners don't just add color to the hair. Acid-based toners can add shine to natural hair and won't affect the color

. By reflecting the light, this gives hair a super glossy varnish-like effect which we call 'glossing'." Ask in salons for a Redken Shades EQ hair gloss. After an initial consultation, your hairstylist will crate a custom hair gloss for you which works in 15 minutes. Think of this as being like a lip gloss for the hair (clear or otherwise): it boosts the condition while adding shine.

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